I see a lot of “We Buy Houses” signs around town. What makes you all different?

Many of these signs are individuals simply wanting to put your home under contract so that they can sell your contract for a profit. This could create a serious problem for you if they do not find a buyer of that contract and you have made preparations to sell the home. Imagine expecting to get cash for your home and at the last second, they cancel the contract because they do not have funds to close. We are well funded and do not want to sell your contract; we want to Buy Your Home.  There can be a lot of emotions when selling a home and we guarantee that we will not lead you on, we will close on your home.

I have talked to other individuals and all have said they will close, how do I know you will close on the deal so that I am getting cashed out on my home?

Simple, we put our money where our mouth is.  We put up $5,000 earnest money to be held by a Closing Attorney to show we are serious.

My title has some issues, is that a problem?

Potentially. We have to be able to get clear title on a property, that is our only requirement. Our closing attorney has experience working with titles that may not be so clear. He will exam title and if we can get title insurance, we can close quick.

What if my property has back taxes?

Back taxes can be paid at closing out of the remaining funds left over from the sell of your home.

What if I hired an real estate agent?

We can pay the agent out of the funds left over from the sell of your home at the time of closing.

What if I have a tenant in place that is not current on the rent?

Not a problem, we will handle that and it will not affect the sell of the home.

How quick can I get my homes sold and get paid?

If the title is clean we can have you closed out in 72 hours

How quick can I get my offer?

Typically we say 24 hours, but most of the time, we will not leave your home without an offer.  If you are ok with that offer, then we can sign a contract and if you need to close quick, we can close the sell of your home in 72 hours, assuming title is clean.