"They were the only company that actually had the funds to Close.”

“I contacted several home buying individuals and QuickCloseSell.com was the only one that came across as professional and felt they were the only company that actually had the funds to close. Really, I felt they were the only ones who had the intention to close rather than sell my contract.  It was important to me that the company I talked to was going to close as I had to make arraignments to move.  It would have been a bad situation if I would have gone with someone else and at the last second, walk away from the deal because of lack of money to close. “

- Ms. Taneka

“Made me feel comfortable”

“I knew QuickCloseSell.com was for real when they volunteered $5,000 earnest money to be held by a closing attorney. Everyone else I talked to gave me some excuse of why they did not want to put down earnest money or wanted to put down a small amount. The $5,000 earnest money showed they were serious and made me feel more comfortable that I was dealing with a legit company.”

- T.J. Douglass

"They paid cash for the property & closed in 7 days."

“They were very easy to work with on a purchase in Memphis, TN as they were very responsive, very quick to make decision about purchasing a property, and very professional. They paid cash for the property and closed in 7 days. The owner has very good reputation and I highly recommend his services”

- H Palman

"They did exactly what they said"

“Quickclosesell.com did exactly what they said and felt like they were looking for the win-win situation they talked about on their initial phone call.  Not that I needed any help, but I thought it was nice they assisted with the moving. These guys came across as more professional and was the only company that offered any earnest money of any significant amount. ‘’

- Randall Morris